A  recording of the recent Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) Purchase Pilot Prize informational webinar, covering eligibility, deadlines, and more for Phase 1, is available now. If you missed this valuable session, stream it now to catch up on any prize details you may have missed. The webinar slide deck is also available. 

The deadline to submit your entry to the CDR Purchase Pilot Prize is December 14. Competitors who can provide impactful CDR concept proposals, develop and refine these plans, and ultimately deliver their specified CDR credits should start prepping their submissions now for a chance at a share of the $35 million in cash prizes. 

All the below submission materials must be uploaded to the CDR Purchase Pilot Prize HeroX page before the contest closing date: 

  • Cover page content 
  • Concept proposal (maximum of 12 pages, excluding cover page)
  • Letters of commitment or support (optional)

Still have questions? Email , and we will be happy to help. You can also use the public HeroX Forum to ask questions and spark discussions with HeroX community members. All questions from this webinar will be answered on the Forum, as well.