A Circular Economy for Electric Vehicle Batteries
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We propose a demonstration whereby electric vehicle batteries are given a digital identity to connect all stakeholders in the lifecycle.
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Team EVBs
List any key Project Partners and Affiliated Organizations who have helped your team.
Partners and Affiliates (PUBLIC)
Laura Wagner, Battery Lifecycle Manager, Ford Motor Company
Steve Tolen, CEO - Indie Power Systems
Todd Coy, Executive VP - KBI Recycling/Retriev
Mark Caffarey, President - Umicore USA Inc.
Mike Smyth, Interim Director - National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium
Ginny Whelan, Director - Automotive Recyclers Association
David Wagger, Chief Scientist - Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI)
Scott Wiggins, VP Environmental Health & Safety - ISRI
Ron Lembke, Standards Committee Chair Reverse Logistics Association
John Greaves, Chair American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Materials
Handling 10 Standards
Patrick Duffy, President - Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA)
Yorke Rhodes, Microsoft
Steve Christensen, Executive Director Responsible Battery Coalition (RBC)
Carrie George, VP and Head of Sustainability - Everledger
Matt Davidson, Pre-Sales Technical Coordinator – Everledger
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Track 5: Other Ideas
As stated in the rules, your short (90-second maximum) video showcasing your submission should focus on the novelty or advantage(s) of your idea and its potential impact while also providing an explanation of your approach and how it will integrate within a full end-to-end solution. After you’ve created your video, post it (unlisted) to YouTube along with a title (including your team name and “BRP Phase 1 Video”) and a short description. After the submission deadline for Phase I has passed, we will add your video to the Battery Recycling Prize playlist on the American-Made Challenges YouTube channel to be shared with other participants for potential partnering. Because your video will be public-facing, please do not include any confidential information.
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Team-EVBs_BRP_Phase I_Cover-Page.pdf
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Team-EVBs_BRP_Phase I_Summary-Slide.pdf

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