Reward to Recycle – Closing the Loop on Portables
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We proposes a demonstration whereby portable LIBS and the products they power will be given a digital identity to support final recycling.
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Team Portables
Partners and Affiliates (PUBLIC)
Rohi Sukhia - President, Open Blockchain Asset Disposition Alliance; CEO; Tradeloop
Joe Marion - President Association of Service & Computer Dealers/N American Association of
Telecom Dealers (Ascdi/Natd)
Jason Linnell - Executive Director, National Center for Electronics Recycling (NCER)
Steve Christiansen - Executive Director, Responsible Battery Coalition
Scott Wiggins, VP Environmental Health & Safety - Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI)
David Wagger, Chief Scientist, Department of Environmental Management - ISRI
Ron Lembke, Standards Committee Chair - Reverse Logistics Association (RLA)
Mark Caffarey, President Umicore USA Inc.
John Greaves, Chair - American National Standards Institute Materials Handling 10 Standards
Yorke Rhodes, Principal Program Manager Blockchain Engineering - Microsoft Azure
Carrie George, VP and Head of Sustainability – Everledger
Lauren Roman, Business Development Director Everledger
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Track 5: Other Ideas
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