Thanks for the challenges + general feedback

First off, thanks for this great challenge, and for allowing me to communicate about an important issue that I firmly believe the minds in the world should be doing more about.

But as a general feedback, I'd like to suggest the challenge creators, that in the future, please try to decide word limits and prompts such that they allow you to communicate everything that is requested in the challenge guidelines. For example, there's a guideline:

"Be audacious

Share your proudest accomplishments, your weirdest experiments, and what makes you exceptional. But, don't be afraid to tell us about your face-plant mistakes, the prototypes that would never be, and busineses that didn't make it. We are selecting from a talented pool of innovators from all over the world, so we encourage you to be brave and stand out from the crowd. Tell us about your most impressive work and your biggest failures -- from new inventions to innovations (or those that never came to be), to ground-breaking research or viral activism, to your greatest impact on your community, your workplace, your school, or the world."

Now, most of the prompts had just 600 character limits, which roughly translates to 100 words, which is not quite enough for such highly subjective responses, which cannot be made too concise and effective enough at the same time. Nevertheless I have tried my best to communicate as well as I can, but in the future, please ensure that the participants are provided with enough space when such highly subjective and personal details are requested in the guidelines.
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Katty Woo
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