Alan Kindree

Entry to the challenge seems very risky

Hi, it seems as if we will have to support ourselves away from home, away from regular jobs and be prepared to risk that investment of time and money on the "chance" of winning.

It seems like quite a risk. Am I missing something?
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Kyla Jeffrey
HeroX team
@Alan Kindree
Hi Alan,

Selected Visioneers will only be required to come to Los Angeles (i.e., leave their home) for the Visioneers Bootcamp and for The Visioneers 2016 event. All expenses to the Visioneers Bootcamp and The XPRIZE Visioneers event will be covered by XPRIZE. In addition, each team member will receive funding based on their level of participation on their Visioneers team.

I hope this clarifies everything for you, but please feel free to reach out with any other questions!

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