This is your official two-day reminder!

That's right, the XPRIZE Visioneers 2018 will be closing this coming July 23 at 12 noon Eastern Time (New York/USA).

Please be sure to complete your submission form well before the exact cut-off time.

 Any submissions received after July 23 at 12 noon Eastern Time (New York/USA) cannot be accepted for any reason

Please note if you have previously edited your submission please make sure you have gone back in and submitted.  In order to be sure that you have done this, you should NOT see a "submit final entry" button on the top right corner of your entry.  If you see this button, please click it to make sure that you have officially submitted. 


Got questions?

Now is the time to speak up! Comment directly on this update with any questions about the submission process and we'll get back to you right away!