Dragan Tutic

Diving for the installation

Are diving operations for the installation authorized?

If it is, should all the dive gear be included in the container as the rest of the supplies or it can be brought separately?

We assume that diving would yield a lower score due to the additional complexity it brings for the installation, is that correct?
Modified on July 25, 2019, 6:51 a.m. PDT
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NREL Challenge
Dear Dragan,

Thank you for your question! We anticipate providing further guidance on this once the final site has been selected. If diving operations are required and allowable at the testing site for installation, we anticipate that any dive gear required would be need to be included in the shipping container.

The judges will consider many metrics in their deliberation process and time to deploy is only one of them. The rules state that “Higher scores will be awarded for technologies that can be deployed quicker and require less maintenance during the testing period.” (pg. 19) Teams will need to use their best judgement when considering competing design elements.

Thanks again for the question.
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