Dear Despina & Eugene,

As a student who is curious to learn more about ideas in system design related to Natural Langauge Processing, it would be fantastic if the submissions were publicly visible. Honestly, since the challenge is nearly completed and is in the judging stage, there seems to be little consequence to publicizing the submissions and lots of benefits to future thinkers/students who may stumble upon this page to read the unique ideas.

I'm sure that other curious software developers will have read Eugene's article about this challenge [1] with the hope of reading through some innovative ideas. I'm grateful that Mozilla even organizes a challenge like this with the humble mission of discovering the best open-source tech stack. However, I believe a conversation like this must be done openly so that those who are late to the challenge can gain knowledge from the submissions and perhaps to contribute further even without the incentive of a prize.

Would it be possible to share the submissions with the world?

Thank You,

Michael Fekadu

[1]: "Mozilla Voice Challenge: Defining The Voice Technology Space"
https:// medium . com/ mozilla-open-innovation/mozilla-voice-challenge-defining-the-voice-technology-space-9e0e0fb35408