Hi Round 2 Semifinalists, 

Happy Set! submission day! Thank you to everyone who got their deliverables in and we are eager to start reviewing them. 

We wanted to remind you about tomorrow’s Set! Demo Day Prep Webinar taking place from 1:30-2:30 p.m. ET. The NREL Solar Prize team will be joined by CMU to walk through logistics of Demo Day and what you need to prepare before the event. During this webinar, we will be reviewing:

  • Goals for Set! Demo Day
  • Pitch scoring and winner selection
  • Event logistics, including the agenda, pitch prep, pitch order, table displays, and more
  • Expert reviewer Q & A
  • Deadlines and deliverables.

We’ll also have a Q & A session at the end of the webinar to answer all questions. We highly recommend at least one person from your team attends the webinar. 

Register here to attend tomorrow’s Set! Demo Day Prep Webinar.


The Solar Prize team