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Ethical athletic accessories providing a second life to vinyl banners and fabric samples while supporting women’s and animal welfare.

Describe your idea

All There August is an Ethical Athletic Wear Brand that supports an Austin lifestyle. All There August means all balanced and all great in all areas of your life. Being balanced and great is different for everyone and we strive to support and create products for women that embrace what makes each female feel balanced and great, in her own way. As a brand we will up-cycle vinyl banners and fabric swatches to create ethically sourced and cruelty-free athletic bags and headbands for a females active lifestyle. Just like you have your own story, so will these products. Accessories will be sold online and at local boutiques in Austin and San Marcos, TX. Products will be handmade in order to utilize all material to reach zero waste. In order to celebrate the products life and unique story, information on who made it and a small positive message from them will be on our website. This gives each piece a mood and its own positive energy. Products will come in a reusable bag also made from vinyl, fabric or a combination and doing this assures zero waste when receiving your package. A small note will be in every package purchased containing a positive fortune and will then set the mood for the bag or headband. When it’s time to love a different product simply ship back your used items to us and we will provide another life for it. Used items will go under the “Used” tab on our website where people can purchase second hand items. Each item will have a description and story that tells others the life of the product and the best moments it witnessed giving transparency, which is key to the brand. For example a used athletic bag will have an attached message saying:

“This bag was with me the first time I met my soon to be husband, may this bag bring you love and fortune as it brought me.”

We will hire and work with females that fall victim of sex trafficking and abuse. We plan to educate these powerful women on how to create products while providing a secure job and working environment. Backpacks would retail at $85 and headbands for $35; at this price point it would support the business, its employees and also give back to local charities that support animal and women’s welfare. Individuals who donate their products will receive a 15% coupon for their next purchase. It is vital to look at the brand using the $10,000 as a whole when starting small by up-cycling material, using co-working space and investing in material fundamental to the growth of the business. Our focus is to take nurturing steps to assure positive growth without exploiting any being. Looking at the future of the business’s development, we plan to create small-curated collections with themes. As each season passes we will collaborate with local artist and business.

Describe your knowledge, skills and abilities

I received my Undergraduate Degree in Fashion Merchandising from Texas State University. While there I was awarded “Rising Star” where I was featured in Texas Monthly, Poder Magazine and on Billboards in various locations in San Antonio, Texas. The title was awarded to me for my fresh ideas in athletic wear specializing in golf apparel. I was a part of the Women’s Golf team while involved in various fashion internships. After graduation I took on a fashion design internship in Milan, Italy. With travel and receiving education from top fashion cities such as Shanghai I completed my Masters Degree in Fashion Entrepreneurship in London, England. My dissertation was dedicated to creating an ethical athletic apparel and accessories brand. I currently work as a Fashion Professor at Texas State and with my background and desire I strive to foster this brand into what it’s meant to be.

Describe how your idea will utilize materials and create jobs

To create athletic bags and headbands using a combination of vinyl and fabric samples we would carefully make each bag and headband by hand. Creating handmade pieces assures that every piece of material is used effectively.

Looking at packaging, each product being shipped or purchased would come in a unique reusable bag also made from vinyl, cloth or a combination of both. With packing we want to create a surprise factor. So each reusable bag will be different just as our products are unique and one of a kind so will our packaging.

When we look at creating jobs for the Austin community All There August will employ females that have fallen victims to sex trafficking and abuse. We will provide a creative outlet for these women to discover themselves as an individual and empower them to create a positive life.

Describe the environmental impact

The focus for the brand is to create local jobs, using local material and serving our community. Teaching Fashion Economics I understand the importance of Globalization but I also know how vital it is to support local businesses, material and artists. Reusing these materials gives them a second life and providing an outlet where consumers may buy slightly used products extends that life. If used items are too worn we will then dissect the item and use its materials to create a new product or packaging. Instead of bringing new textiles into this world we view an item as a potential art piece that can be reused. Everything that goes into the product will be sourced locally. This cuts down on the product creation carbon footprint. Materials that will be picked to create these items will be cruelty-free. This comes into play with the selection of fabric swatches. We will make sure to incorporate and only use fabric that was not made from an animal in order to stand by our brand beliefs.

Describe the product end of life-cycle

When your bag or headband needs a new owner or life. You may ship your products back to us. Once we receive the used bags they will go under our “used” tab on our website where other people may purchase your slightly loved items. To continue the products story we ask that you write about a happy memory with your bag or headband. We will attach your moment to the products description so others can see where the product has been and the positive energy that comes with it.

Additional information

It is important to state that as a brand we would give back to local charities by volunteer work and funds. Since the materials being used are cruelty-free and empower women All There August will focus on giving back to animal shelters. Animal shelter activities would consist of donating items needed for animals such as toys, shampoo and food, support events and volunteer work.

When it comes to empowering women All There August will host sporting events such as women’s golf tournaments. We will also donate time to serve as mentors to females of all ages and walks of life. As a brand we want to ensure we support the welfare of women and animals in any way possible.

Items will be sold online and at local boutiques that strive to celebrate the artists around us. With products being sold we will also host a blog where you can find tips and news dealing with ethical fashion, women’s sports and veganism. The blog will tell our story and what we believe in as well as share stories of other brands and individuals that love what we love.

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