Be the Master of your Credit Card Challenge!

Be the Master of your Credit Card Challenge!

This is your chance to design the perfect credit card that meets your daily wants and needs with new, innovative benefits.

Challenge Overview



This is a really cool opportunity to provide input into credit card benefits or features! 

Before you get started, it is important to note the difference between “rewards”, “benefits”, or “features”. “Rewards” are tied directly to your overall spend at a bank, such as cashback, points, and introductory sign up bonuses. “Benefits” are not directly related to your spend, such as $10 Lyft credit for taking 5 Lyft rides in a month, trip cancellation insurances, cell phone protection insurances, airport lounge access, ID Theft monitoring services, and complimentary ShopRunner membership. “Features” can be related to the actual physical card, or functionalities such as having the ability to put your True NameTM on the card, being able to see where you card is stored across all of your favorite online stores,  or have a card designed for people with visual disabilities. 

Please note: Mastercard cannot impact "Rewards", APR, balance transfer offers, and category-wide benefits (i.e. cash back on all subscription services), as those are controlled by our bank partners. 


The Challenge

Mastercard would like to hear about what “benefits” and “features” you would like to add on YOUR card so that you would like to use your card more for everyday purchases, encourage digital spend, and increase overall stickiness with a card.



There is a total prize pool available of up to $6,000 USD

  • One (1) Grand Prize: $3,500 USD
  • Five (5) First Prizes: $500 USD each


Things to Keep in Mind

  • Is it different from other benefits you’ve seen in the credit card category?
  • The consumer pain point this addresses (does it make their lives easier, is it safer, does it make them feel more financially responsible?)
  • Would it work for multiple geographies (e.g., would it work equally well for someone living in Hawaii v. New York)?
  • Think around the topics of everyday value, safety & security, travel, entertainment, wellness, and hospitality
  • Is this a “reward”, or a “benefit” or a “feature”? Unfortunately, Mastercard cannot impact rewards, since they come from our bank partners.

For additional context on what cardholders are looking for when paying, here are the 7 consumer need-states, i.e., what people are looking for in various types of purchase occasions. 

For details on the recent benefit updates, you can visit www.mastercard.com/worldelite and www.mastercard.com/world.


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