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Mom-accomodating Workout Sessions
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Stores organize, host and form the start/stop locations for workouts that are welcoming and accommodating for moms!
3. Opportunity: Which pillar of well-being, and which aspect of that particular pillar, are being addressed by the idea? In what way does it influence a pillar? What type of individual and community would benefit from the idea?
The primary pillar being addressed by this innovation is Community, but it brings people together with the purpose of stengthening their body. These fitness events will create a community where moms feel welcome to bring their stroller babies to rest on the sidelines, or bring their kids to participate, without judgement or wrangling. Not all moms like yoga or jogging! This creates a stronger community, which is now segmented, disjointed and mostly exclusionary of busy moms and kids.
4. Innovation: Why is your idea unique, novel, and/or impactful? What will the future look like if we’re successful in bringing your idea to life? How does the proposed solution differ from existing solutions addressing human well-being?
At a recent mom event, someone asked how everyone managed to work out. The answers were few: Have your husband wait outside with baby, go on a quick jog between feedings, baby and me yoga or get your baby on a bottle. All of these answers are very limiting (jog or yoga!) or they require coordinating with your partner for care and feeding, can create a hassle and headache, or be nearly impossible for single moms. Instead, many moms opt out. Lets invite babies to nap nearby, and kids to play.
5. Action Plan: Please justify and briefly describe the major steps needed to make this idea a reality. Does the technology and understanding exist now? Is it likely to exist in the next 3-5 years?
Moms are already very well connected to one another through the various mom groups, day cares and just normal community venues, so reaching through those networks will tend to be simple marketing. There seems to be a strong need for more options for moms to connect, however, as indicated by the overflow happening at nearly all mom-support group activities, and the many spinoff activities that come out of those groups. There also seems to be a need for moms to be invited to workout without all the daycare/pumping/feeding/coordinating hassle, which is indicated in part by the popularity of baby and me yoga, even by people who normally don't like yoga. And there are isolated locations where working out with baby as your weight, or baby sleeping in a stroller, or having simultaneous kids and moms workouts are taking place. Their are small regional programs of this type I could share with you. But on the whole, most moms don't have easy access to such groups. LuLuLemon has the resources and the store footprint to perfect that model, bind it to the store locations and create the fitness community building event tied to their storefronts throughout their footprint.

The action plan is as follows:
1) Research: Existing exercise programs that target moms of either babies or kids or both, by including them in the workout without hassle
2) Establish Local Partners: Identify stores with ideal locations for outdoor workout and indoor meeting space (for some warmup/cooldown perhaps) that could be ideal. Identify local outdoor fitness leaders and work with them to tweak their skillset, comfort or their way of doing business that could make moms feel more welcome.
3) Pilot: LuLuLemon could market and pilot the events.
4) Receive feedback and iterate: Survey the fitness leaders, the participants, the store employees, the store visitors not participating and heck, even the kids that are old enough to talk. Iterate the program until the pilot blossoms into a successful community that centers around the LuLuLemon store and brand.
5) Replicate: Replicate the model in other cities.

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