SunE Power
Feb. 5, 2020
6:38 p.m. PST

Proposal and Idea

Hello, if we have an idea, is it possible to submit a short form and a long form to the two contests for the same idea?
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Kyla Jeffrey HeroX team
Feb. 7, 2020
2:32 p.m. PST
@SunE Power
Yes, you may submit the same idea to both the Ideation and Proposal Categories. However, you can only win in one category for a single idea.

Elaine Wilkes
Feb. 18, 2020
11:45 a.m. PST
I don't get why one would submit both? Can you explain the benefit of that? Thanks.

Kyla Jeffrey HeroX team
Feb. 19, 2020
12:32 p.m. PST
@Elaine Wilkes
Hi Elaine,

The decision of what category to submit to is up to you! We will be awarding prizes in both categories, but as I mentioned above you can only receive a single award for an idea.

Take a look through the challenge guidelines to see what each category is requesting and the associated prizes.

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