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POWER.Plant is an application for farmers who would like to apply precision agriculture methodology in their production process.






POWER.Plant is designed to generate reports and recommendations concerning the state of the plant during vegetation cycle (i.e. plant volume, content of nutritive ingredients etc.). An application addresses the needs of farmers who would like to apply precision agriculture methodology. It could be used by farmers individually or with the help of qualified agricultural advisors. The reporting capabilities will vary based on input data that a farmer has or will buy, namely: orthophotomaps, satellite images, data received from sensors installed in UAV or agricultural machines and data from measurement samples located in the field. The application will use predefined algorithms for specific plants and generate reports and recommendations regarding agricultural works ex. fertilization, irrigation or other.


Agriculture has an enormous impact on the environment. The current state of rural areas is not primeval as the agriculture has been shaping it for many centuries. Rural areas are homes for great variety of fauna and flora. This biological diversity has the principal meaning for sustainable development of rural areas. Farmers who manage rural areas should protect them to the benefit of all people in the world. In order to avoid negative side effects related to some kinds of agricultural activities, it is necessary to support the farmers to lead their farms in well-balanced and environment-friendly way. Nowadays the farmers face two challenges in their work: to produce high quality food and (equally important) to protect the environment and biological diversity. The modern agriculture supported by latest technical innovations will have a huge influence on the society through reduction of the negative impact on the environment, in particular on the quality of water and soil. Implementation of precision agriculture will have a positive impact on the environment, ex. on balancing of the natural salt level or mitigation of the influence of the invasive species that may destroy natural biodiversity. Recommendations given by the POWER.Plant should allow so called „conservative” agriculture that lead to smaller erosion, lower energy consumption (by reduction of ploughing) and reduction of usage of herbicides to fight weeds. Various algorithms will have to be applied to specifics of different regions due to natural differences in climate and environment. Nevertheless in all countries there are thresholds levels of essential indicators used for evaluating the impact of agricultural activities on the environment (e.g. standards for drinkable water, ammonia emissions, application of methyl bromide etc.). POWER.Plant might have potentially positive impact on the environment, social health, proper management of water resources and quality and quantity of food.

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