Hi all!

Congrats on getting teams together, and thanks for the first submission to Erna from Bosnia. What a great example of how to share what brings you hope! Definitely check it out, as it such an important message to share!

We've also added a submission text field, in case you want to add written info about your video or don't have a camera. Feel free to use that instead of a video if so inclined.

Wishing you all much luck in the competition. Be sure to share with friends, family, celebrities, and others you want to hear from in the world. Tweet, Instagram, or Facebook the challenge to them and help us spread the message of hope around the globe.

We've also updated our HopefulMinds site, if you want to check it out please do at www.hopefulminds.org. Feel free to explore and share the lessons of Hope with your community.

Much gratitude always,

Kathryn Goetzke

iFred Founder