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Hope from the Happiest Animal on Earth
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Quokkas are the happiest animal on Earth. They live on a paradise island and love people. Be happy and hopeful by looking at quokka photos.
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Quokkas have been called the happiest animal on earth. Quokkas are little kangaroos who love people. They live on an island paradise off the coast of Australia called Rottnest Island. Looking at quokka photos is a simple way to become happier and have more hope.
Simple follow this free procedure:
1) Perform a Google search on the word "quokka".
2) Click on "Images".
3) Look at the many happy quokka photos.
4) Click on videos if you prefer (but the photos are cuter).
5) Do this early morning and before bedtime, and as needed throughout the day.
It will be difficult not to smile and be more hopeful and happy about life, the world and the universe.

That's it. I practice this every day. A small but simple thing in this chaotic, confusing world.
(Photo credit: Western Australia Tourism)
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