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To Do List: Design Preparation - Subject Matter Experts

If you are interviewing subject matter experts (SMEs) to gain insight into your subject area and to help write your guidelines, here's a To Do list to cover everything you will need to do:

  • Develop interview questions for Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) 
  • Generate List of SMEs to interview
  • Set up Uberconference account to record calls
  • Prepare interview invitation email
  • Prepare interview confirmation email
  • Send interview invitations
  • Follow up/ confirm interviews
  • Conduct SME interviews
  • Draft initial Guidelines and Rules
  • Copy/paste initial Guidelines to the Guidelines section in the Edit dashboard of your page
  • Add key insights from interviews/research to your Crowdsourcing Page Resources Section
  • Solicit feedback from your Followers on the Guidelines
  • Post Update to your Crowdsourcing Page letting the community know the first draft of guidelines are available for feedback