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Guide: How to Use the Community Section


The following outlines what the Community section is and how it can be utilized.

After clicking on the “Community” tab, the section will display the number of users pre-registered, registered, and following your crowdsourcing project (as well as any combination of the three).

You are able to filter this list by selecting one of the options in either of the drop down menus at the top. The first menu, Group, will allow you to segment your community by various types of users:

The next menu, Location, allows you to filter your community by the location they added to their HeroX profile.

Note: competitors may elect not to add a location to their profile, so you may not be able to find all users who live in the region you select.

The last field, Name, is where you can search for a specific user by typing in their name. This is not an auto-fill field so you will need to type in either their full or a portion of their first/last name and then click on the magnifying glass button to find them. 

Once you have narrowed your search results, you can export a CSV file of their usernames, email addresses, location (when available), and when they registered. Simply click on the “Export” button below the Filter drop down menu and the file will be generated for you to download.

You can clear your search parameters by clicking on the blue “x Clear filter” button by whichever drop down and/or text field you have narrowed results by:

Here are the definitions of each segment:

  • Pre-Registered: if you have a pre-registration stage and your page is now officially in Enter mode, you will want to ensure any pre-registrants come back to review and accept the legal agreement and sign up as a competitor. While HeroX will send an auto-email to pre-registrants once the page moves to Enter mode, you may find there are a few individuals who didn’t read that message. A couple of weeks after moving into Enter mode, send a message to this group to inform them of the next actions they need to take.
  • Competitors: throughout the project you may have information or words of encouragement you would like to be sent only to your competitors, and not made public on your HeroX page. Segment your community by this group to communicate any deadline reminders, materials, or other relevant items.
  • Followers: some users may not realize that “following” a HeroX page doesn’t mean they have registered for it. You can send a quick message to this group letting them know if they are interested in competing, they will need to click on the orange “Accept” button on your page and follow the necessary steps. Otherwise, you can communicate general updates regarding the project to these users.
  • Funders: this is only applicable if you have enabled crowdfunding to raise money for your award. You can communicate with this group to let them know when you have hit various fundraising milestones (halfway point, 75% funded, etc.). Or if you are near your funding goal, you can encourage them to share your HeroX page on their social media channels to aid in the last push in reaching your total award amount.
  • Submission started: when you are approaching your submission deadline, you will want to check to see how many competitors have started their entry but haven’t submitted it yet. You can send them a reminder message to go back to their entry and ensure it has been finalized so they don’t miss the deadline date.
  • Submission submitted: after the submission deadline has passed, you can send a message to this group thanking them for participating and how you look forward to reviewing their entries. You can also include any reminders for upcoming Timeline milestones (voting stage - when applicable, when judging will be complete, when the winner(s) will be announced, etc.) or other information these users may need.
  • Submission valid: this filter option is mainly to give an overview to sponsors how many competitors ended up with valid/eligible submissions. However, you may decide to send a message to this group letting them know that their entry has passed an initial review and will be evaluated next by the judging panel.
  • Submission invalid: if you decide to provide feedback on the competitors’ submissions prior to the deadline, the comment you make on it will be sent via email to each individual. However, you may want to send an additional general reminder to this group that feedback has been made on their entry and they still have a chance to edit/resubmit it before the deadline. Or if you decide not to provide individual feedback but have marked entries as invalid/ineligible, you can send a general message to the group letting them know they should review the submission requirements again and revisit their entry so it fits within the parameters set in the guidelines.
  • Semi-finalists: if you have a round during your crowdsourcing project where semi-finalists are selected, you can segment this group and send them a message advising them of their status. You can also use that opportunity to communicate any next steps they need to take or forms/information they need to provide. You can also advise them of when voting opens (when applicable), or if they need to start making travel arrangements to attend any events associated with the winner announcement.
  • Finalists: similar to the semi-finalists, you can communicate directly with this group to let them know their finalist status, any next actions they need to take, or remind them of the winner announcement date.