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Challenge Image Art Direction

How to improve your HeroX page by using theatre.


The 4 ‘A’s of Theatre

  1. Actor or Actress
  2. Action
  3. Artifact
  4. Atmosphere


Actor or Actress

It is no secret that an actor or actress will engage your audience. It is very important that the character in your image has eye direction, and that you harness their eye direction to point towards elements on your challenge page like the “Register for Challenge” main primary call to action. Why?

This is because their eye direction will lead the audience’s eyes toward where they’re looking.

Since the primary call to action is on the right side of the image on the challenge page, it would be useful and recommended that you select an image where the person is looking towards the right.



Instead of posing, ensure the actor or actress in your image is performing some action. The more outlandish the action of course the more attention it will grab. The more in sync the actor’s or actress’ action is with your challenge topic the more powerful and engaging the image will be to your audience. This is where you need to reference your short description. What in your short description is actionable text? This is what the actor or actress in your photo should be performing.



What is your actor or actress using, wearing, holding in their hand? Does your challenge have a tool or product associated with it? This is your prop in the picture. The more aligned the artifact is with the actual challenge the more significant the audience’s engagement will boost.


What is the context for which the problem your challenge is trying to solve take place? What is the setting in which your actor or actress performs their action with the artifact stage prop? Are there other people characters in the background? Are they in a rural or city setting? Inside or outside?


Use of Text

Limit the use of text heavily! Ensure you keep the text limited to a phrase or keyword that exemplifies the photo. Think Art & Copy. What words does the image represent that your text can “finish the sentence” so to speak? Remember and take solace knowing that the title and short description have ample room for the text that goes with your photo. Often adding text to the photo unless it’s an actual graphic component will hinder the legibility of actual text on the website. When second guessing, simply omit any text on your image. Think of it as Theatre and not a News Channel.


Image Size

It is recommended that you submit a 16:9 aspect ratio image. For example 1280 x 720 is standard 720p HD dimensions. Feel free to add really high resolution images up to 4000 pixels wide, and we’ll work with it. At this time challenges do require an image be at least 1280px wide and 720 px tall. It is also required you have an image. We are working hard to alleviate this restrictions and support you with text only challenges. Yet, for now, we recommend using this guide to improve your challenge. It’s for the best anyway! Your audience will thank you!


Link to examples:  https://herox.com/XPRIZEvisioneers2017US and https://herox.com/AiLTA