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Guide: Drafting Your Guidelines Section

Here is an example of how you can outline the Guidelines section of your HeroX page

  • Section 1 (“The Submission”): should outline the requirements of the submission (e.g. certain format and/or medium, page length, font, etc.)
  • Section 2 (“Judging Criteria”): should include a short description of how submissions will be judged along with a table outlining the scorecard (list each criteria, what needs to be addressed within that criteria, and the maximum number of points that can be awarded for that criteria).
  • Section 3 ("The Prize"): should provide an outline of how many prizes will be awarded (one grand prize or 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. prizes), the amount of the prize(s), and what the consolation prize(s) will be if none of the solutions meet the judging criteria.
  • Section 4 (“Additional Rules/Eligibility”): should provide any rules that you would like to highlight for the reader (which can be taken from the Intellectual Property/Legal Agreement) before they sign up as a competitor.

A more in-depth guide on how to draft your Guidelines section can be found on page 3 of the template located here.

Example Guidelines: Sky for All: Air Mobility for 2035 and Beyond, LIVES: Leveraging Impactful Videos to End Stigma