Hello All! 

Friendly reminder that we have already made it just a little past halfway-mark of the submission period. You know what that means? It's time to look at where you're at with your submission. First, have you started? If you're perpetually putting it off, you should put that notion to rest. It's not that scary, or time-consuming, or difficult to just get started. All you have to do to start is look at the submission form and start thinking about where you stand.  Some parts are easier than others -- and by all means, feel free to start there! You can always save your draft and come back to your submission later.

Have you started, but you're feeling stuck? The Forum is an excellent resource for reaching out to other competitors, with whom you may even be able to form a team! If you just have some unresolved questions or concerns, you can always comment directly on this update and someone will get back to you ASAP (and we're really fast with that.)

If everything is going smoothly, awesome! Just remember to check and double-check your submission for errors, grammar, clarity, and omissions.  Also, congrats on being so "on top" of it! 

No matter where you stand now, all submission have to be in by October 19, 2017  no later than 4:59 pm EDT. So what are you waiting for?