Juan Reyes


Hi! When will register process be open?
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Kyla Jeffrey
HeroX team
@Juan Reyes
Hi Juan, registration is scheduled to open on July 20th. You can see the complete timeline here: https://herox.com/fintech-partner-search/timeline. Feel free to reach out if you have any other questions!

(Minor apologies for thread-hijacking, but the title matches and the original question is now moot.)

What is meant by "anonymously register" in the challenge requirements? What information about a user should be collected in the registration process? Is e.g. an e-mail verification link required?

Kyla Jeffrey
HeroX team
Hi Ben, it's important that the user's financial information is completely confidential so no need for an email verification link. However, you can certainly provide any suggestions for maintaining confidentiality.

@Kyla Jeffrey
So, is it OK to not require e-mail or personally identifying information at all; to let people use the calculator tool and see the results without any registration process? This would seem to be the easiest and most confidential user interface, but then that "anonymously register" requirement would not be met (unless you're counting cookies, which is a bit of a stretch).
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