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Looking to join a team, let me power your pumped storage system with my novel wind turbine.

Greetings! My name is Chin, I am the inventor of the Infinitenergy Geo pneumatic turbine, the world's most power wind turbine design in existence. Built to scale one 500 ft diameter wind turbine marketed as mobile offshore floating power plants can produce over 100 mw of electricity, I am asking for none of your prize money from this challenge, but unless you deam my contribution worthy, but all I'm asking is for an opportunity to help you win this challenge by powering your pumped storage system with my wind turbine that would make your technology the most efficient of all the entrants. Pumping water up hill is not rocket science bc all u need is uphill reservoirs or lakes to pump water into and a whole lot of energy to run the pumps. My new wind turbine is the silver bullet technology that can power these system and I want to help you win.
If you dont believe my boast, I can demonstrate to you, so u can see with your own eyes that my boast is true. Thanks for reading and in Hope's of joining your team.
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chin K
Infinitenergy Geo pneumatic turbine, the world's most powerful wind turbine. In this video , my little 6 ft diameter prototype powered five 300 watt bulbs, plus one 2,000 watt hair dryer. :) can you imagine the reduction in energy cost by powering your pumped storage system with my technology.

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get real
challenges by herox are down, interest is low, no discussions, no interest, no money

chin K
Hshsha yep so true, pump storageeill fail if they csn power it efficiently

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could you clearly elaborate once again what did you mean ?

chin K
My meaning is that for pumped storage to be feasible in our future world would be to find a more efficient way to power the pump storage unit

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I am very happy with my micro-scale Pumped Hydro Storage Systems, which can be powered by solars, wind or hydro energy.

I am just building a team of the best innovators to win every challenge by Herox and commercialize it as quick as posssible, before the deadline, since there is huge market demand for technology solutions sought by Herox challenges
and third party are read to pay much more money than m oney prize offered.
You are welcome to join the AllWinnersTeam
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