Major Announcement!

The Evolution 2.0 Podcast is now LIVE. It’s available through most of the
major platforms including Stitcher and iTunes:

Several shows are already available for immediate listening!

* Recording of a talk I gave at my private $26,000/year Roundtable meeting
on “Getting to the bottom of the swamp.” What does the 1300 year old epic
Beowulf tale tells us about evolution - and solving ALL thorny, ugly

* James MacAllister gives a riveting account of the uppity, table-turning,
polarizing renegade scientist Lynn Margulis. (My favorite Lynn quote: “I don’t
consider my ideas controversial. I consider them right.”)

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* The podcast archive includes a highly abridged Evolution 2.0 Audiobook. A
condensed summary of the full version on Audible. Great introduction if
you’re new to Evolution 2.0.