Juan Morales

Origin of life on earth comes from waves

Information or scientific knowledge, called knowledge there was always in the universe.
Same before the Big Bang, it (the information) helped to form the atoms, without the information they would not have formed.
It is a concept of classical quantum mechanics, which waves take the form of a particle.
And the waves carry the information.
You can define a new quantum mechanics, where particles carry information. Beyond that, they have knowledge. I doesn´t know, if it's banal to say:
The electron knows somethings.
But it is not the subject of this to redefine quantum mechanics.
On earth were atoms in a hot liquid. And it rained everywhere with information waves.
These molecules that make up the DNA, could only capture information, which conforms codes related to its components.
There are jobs since the years 60 on information theory and DNA.
Also recently discovered Luc Montaigner that the DNA emits information in the water, through electromagnetic waves. The reason why a DNA is replicated is because it communicates to a set of molecules, the rules of formation. This is explained in quantum mechanics, that electrons in excited states emit photons, which are electromagnetic waves.
So we need to explain where this information comes from and how the ADN or other molecules decodes the information to replicate.
On the second question many peoples is working on.
The first one is the delicate. I propose: Information was always, since is not a real thing. Its need a bit energy, since they must come in wave.
And Information is everywhere, they travel through the universe from one side to the other like a pendulum.
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