Have you thought about forming a team to compete in the Global Education Unlocked challenge? Teams can be formed directly on the challenge page by going to the team matching section, or by connecting in the forum.


Some of the advantages of forming a team include:


1. Accountability

Those deadlines are less likely to get away from you when you are working with a group.


2. Shared workload

You know the old “divide and conquer?” It works well for challenges too! By finding a solid collaborative stride, a group of even just three people can churn out a lot more than one person working alone.


3. Camaraderie

It might be hard for other people to relate to your lone wolf journey toward incentive competition conquest, but your team will be right there with you! A source of inspiration, motivation, and perhaps even fire-under-your-butt lighting, teammates can provide a huge emotional advantage.


4. Specialization

Maybe you are a real visionary with an incredible concept but are stuck on how the “nuts and bolts” fit together. Yeah, YOU need a team. Teammates who have the skills and special working knowledge can be a huge resource. And the benefits go both ways!


Rome was not built in a day. Your team will take some time to come together, so be sure to get ahead of it and start recruiting, reaching out, and networking about the challenge now. The team matching section is the best place to start to find individuals seeking teams and teams seeking individuals with specific expertise. If you don’t have any luck there, then try starting a new topic in the forum!