Hello All,

Thanks so much for being part of the Cube Sat Challenge Community! We've got some exciting news -- as of today, the competition is now open for submission. 

What does that mean, exactly? 

1. Access to begin your submission form
Now you can fully access the submission form required to enter. Now you can fully access the submission form required to enter. Click the "ACCEPT CHALLENGE" orange button on the top of the main challenge page to get started.  You can enter at any time from now until the final deadline of October 18, 2017. 

2. Invite a team to join you
All you need is their email address! To form a team to tackle this competition, this link will take to the page to do so. follow the instructions on the page, then reach out to your chosen teammates to get involved. Once they're in, you're ready to go! 

3. Review the guidelines
Guidelines are finalized when the challenge opens for submission, so it's always best practice to review them before beginning work on your solution. 

4. Start asking questions! 
Where is the best place to ask? Right at the bottom of this update, in the comments section! Give us any questions or comments you have about the FinTech Partner Search, and we'll be sure to get back to you real fast with everything we know.

5. Don't wait until October.
Our old friend procrastination is a tricky one, and might convince you that October is a really long ways off. Don't believe it! The sooner you get started, the clearer your solution will become, and the more confident you'll be come judging time. At the very least, get started with a working document of all the form questions (the submission form can serve as that) and get square on what has to be done in order to complete the submission. Time really does fly! 
All that being said, we're glad to have you on board for the competition. If you're interested, but don't think you've got what it takes for this particular competition -- give it a shot anyway (and don't forget to tell your friends) -- you might surprise yourself.

Good luck, and let the fun begin!