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The Latest Crowdsourcing News Covering Technology, Healthcare, Infrastructure, and Space Breakthroughs Out Of This World.

Data breaches are a major concern for companies which is why many are turning to crowdsourcing to find weaknesses before they can be exposed.
Large companies struggle to create disruptive innovations internally. Crowdsourcing uses global network effects to increase the rate of innovation.
Crowdsourcing is one way to find solutions to the food sustainability problem our planet is collectively facing.
The Bureau of Reclamation launches a crowdsourcing challenge to find more efficient and environmentally friendly ways to maintain steel structures.
Drone crime is a new fact of life, and some people have already been dealing with it for years.
Is the Era of Automation here?AI & Robotics (AKA Automation) & Technological Unemployment Should we be worried about the rise of Technological Unem...
Set your crowdsourcing project away from the rest with these ideas on how to structure it.
The rate of disruption is escalating across every industry and in our daily lives. Open Innovation is the only solution.
New research: The wisdom of crowds is more robust than previously thought — it can even withstand the groupthink of similar-minded people
J.J. Abrams is giving every Star Wars fan a chance to live the dream with the UNICEF Innovation Labs Force for Change challenge

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