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Crowdsourcing - In Your Words

No one knows crowdsourcing better than the folks at the front lines. Whether you’ve run a crowdsourcing project, designed a crowdfunding campaign, created a winning solution, or simply plan to do one of those (someday) you have a story to tell. We're listening.

Take your knowledge and vision of what crowdsourcing is and can be, and lead the way. Show the rest of the world what crowdsourcing can do, help them understand how it will shape the future, and let HeroX be your platform to do it. 

How does the challenge work?

What we’re asking is simple: just use your words!

We’re offering a recurring writing role at HeroX and a platform for publishing for the writers with the best original content on the subject of crowdsourcing. Bring us your long-form essays, research papers, or editorials that illustrate crowdsourcing’s endless possibilities for innovative breakthroughs. The best of the best will be published and the writers will become thought leaders in the HeroX network.

**Prize amount is an estimate based on a continuous period as a contract writer for HeroX. This prize will not be delivered in a lump sum and is contingent upon delivery of agreed-upon writing services. 


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