Greetings Community! 

Thanks for your commitment to the Sweetener Challenge. You're not alone in your excitement to be part of Coca-Cola's crowdsourcing efforts, as the Sweet Story Challenge has also enjoyed a fantastic run these past few months. Their group of storytellers has now surpassed a whopping 1,000 members! 

But all good things must come to an end - and as we're rapidly approaching the end of the submission period for Sweet Story Challenge, we'd hate for you to miss out on your chance to participate! 

That's right -- you can submit to BOTH the Sweetener Challenge AND the Sweet Story Challenge; in fact, we highly encourage it. With a $150,000 in prize money available through Sweet Story, there's no reason for you to hold out! 

IMPORTANT: There are just 10 days remaining in the submission phase for Sweet Story Challenge. If you haven't started a submission, we urge you to do so in the next few days. 

All the best, and good luck to all, in both ventures! 


-The HeroX Team