It's called PechaKucha.

Maybe you've heard of it. In the last few years, PechaKucha has found a niche with storytelling and story-listening folks all over the world, especially in major metro areas. Think of it as an alternative to a book club, with a bit of Toastmasters thrown in for good measure. It works like this: instead of a whole group of people discussing their take on one story (i.e. a book club) each person in the group gets a chance to share their story to a captive audience, in a concise and specific framework. Part creative outlet and part public speaking workshop, PechaKucha originated an event for young designers to meet, network, and show their work in public. Nowadays, you can find a variety of takes on the PechaKucha format in over 900 cities across the globe. Pretty cool! 

You can watch a real PechaKucha right here, a story about an Australian chef who is compelled to become involved in his local food system. For other PechaKuchas, check out this page

Maybe you'll utilize some of the PechaKucha wisdom for your submission to the Sweet Story Challenge