Recall your fondest memories from childhood. Somewhere in that picture, is there a special treat -- maybe even something sweet? From learning to cook a new vegetable to timeless holiday feasts, humanity has a universal bond in the power of food. It keeps us alive, brings us joy, and helps shape our very identities. Acknowledging the power of food, Coca-Cola also knows that amazing ideas can come from anywhere and everywhere. With the help of HeroX, The Coca-Cola Company Sweet Story Challenge launches today, in a global search for stories of the sweetness in life.

Share with us your tried and true, safe methods to naturally sweeten food or drink. Tell us how your community, or your own family, has done so for many years. If your story can spark breakthrough, it could be worth $100,000. This challenge is just beginning, but find out all there is to know, and follow the latest developments, on the challenge page.

If you’re looking for an even bigger challenge, a discovery of the next natural low/no-calorie sugar substitute could win you a cool $1,000,000 in the The Coca-Cola Company Sweetener Challenge.