The Coca-Cola Company Sweet Story Challenge

The search to fill a growing demand for a plant-based natural sweetener that has few or no calories. Read Overview...
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“Food is powerfully symbolic and really complex. Through food we express love. We bring comfort and hope. We forge new relationships and strengthen old bonds. Food reaffirms not only our humanity but the joy of being alive.” -- Marcus Samuelsson


Food ignites our senses. Every living thing needs food to survive, but for most of us, food has a deeper, more complex significance.


When we explore the history and cultural significance of sweet food, we discover why sweetness is important to so many people. Cultivation of the sugar cane plant goes back thousands of years and can be traced to Southeast Asia, with the manufacture of sugar cane granules from sugar cane juice taking place in India two thousand years ago. Cultures around the world use sweets for a variety of purposes, including marking important rituals, celebrations, and life events.


The history of the wedding cake extends centuries, the addition of sweet to savory foods is not uncommon in many communities, and sweet tea evokes memories of rocking chairs on a porch. No matter the difference in preparation, ingredients, and texture, we all seem to find a bit of home in a sweet beverage or a local specialty.


Why Issue a Challenge? 

At The Coca-Cola Company, we are constantly innovating and refreshing our portfolio to meet the consumer’s tastes and lifestyles. And we know that amazing ideas can come from anywhere. 


The Challenge Breakthrough

The Coca-Cola Company Sweet Story Challenge is looking for your stories of the sweet in your life. More specifically, we are eager to learn about tried and true methods to naturally sweeten food or drink, or how your community, culture, or family has done so safely for many years.


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