The goal is to simulate a solution that solves the major traffic issues within downtown Cairo. The simulation should take into account all the different variables that contribute to congestions and as a result provide the best viable solution. Solving this problem will create a better tomorrow where everyone can commute in different ways safely in less time and lower levels of stress - resulting in a more productive and healthier population.


In one sentence, how will you know that a competitor has solved the problem (won the Challenge)?

The top ranked simulation (patented) will win the challenge. Ranking will be done by experts in the field of urban development and traffic engineering.


What metrics will you use to judge the winners?

This will be up to the experts in the field; but it will definitely cover the following

. The quality of the simulation (variables, impact of solutions, and expected results)

. Technical viability and realism of the simulation 

What does a competitor need to submit in order for their submission to be judged?

. Only provide the simulation in any format that is clear enough for the judges to understand the inputs, modelling of the solutions, and the results

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