Coffee Shop Computer Minder


It happens all the time, you go to a coffee shop to get work done. You get your iced vanilla latte or doppio espresso, sit down with your laptop, phone, headphones, and get set for a long days work. Two hours into cranking on your project, it happens. You need to get up. You need to go to the bathroom or to get another cup of coffee. Do you leave your stuff? Do you rely on the kindness of stranger? Either one could work, but you need something more reliable. People need to feel comfortable leaving their gear on the table long enough to reset their life or take that important job phone call.

In one sentence, how will you know that a competitor has solved the problem (won the Challenge)?

The challenge will be solved when someone has created a fool-proof computer minder, allowing anyone to leave their gear at a coffee shop, knowing it is protected.

What metrics will you use to judge the winners?

Submitted devices must be:

- Portable (weigh less than 0.5 lbs)
- Prevents computer or other equipment from being moved by anyone other than owner
- Only disarmed by owner; disarmed automatically or with minor effort
- No audible alarm allowed


What does a competitor need to submit in order for their submission to be judged?

- A prototype of the device
- Description of the functionality of the device and/or a video demonstrating the device

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