Steve Lieberman
Aug. 4, 2021
6:39 a.m. PDT

Contest Extension

I'm sure the administrators have sufficient reason to extend the contest deadline. Characteristically, the second and third phases of the contest are even more difficult to achieve in the allotted times. This challenge takes commitment. In my opinion, accepting entries past the most recent deadline jeopardizes the contest's future success. Why would you think the challenge will succeed if your selected teams do not commit to deadlines?
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NREL Challenge moderator
Aug. 4, 2021
4:43 p.m. PDT
Hi Steve,

Thanks for the feedback about the deadline extension – your input is important to us. The decision to extend was made to ensure a successful Stage 1 contest. We do not expect future contests to be impacted as a result of this extension. All competitors may use the additional time to continue to work on submissions up until the new August 19th deadline.

If you have further questions or concerns, please reach out to us at cable

Thank you,
CABLE Prize Administration Team
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