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Thought Leader Series | HeroX
BY GINA SPARROW | 2 min read

This Thought Leader Series shines the spotlight on trending topics, such as: Innovation, Crowdsourcing, the Future of Work and more. HeroX brings you the people, insights and information to make YOU the expert on powering up your innovation strategy with crowd platforms.


Innovator Spotlight: Hugo Shelley - 6 Challenges Won!

October 17, 2019

Hugo Shelley is HeroX's most decorated Innovator - with 6 prizes under his belt and more to come we are sure. NASA calls him a 'star solver'.  Hugo is a product designer from Scotland and the founder of Iota Technology, a prototyping studio in London. Most of his time is spent trying to find realistic solutions to impossible projects. When he's not helping people build their dream products, he spends his time solving innovation challenges and trying to stop his houseboat from slowly sinking into the river. 


Join us for this deep dive interview into Hugo's world!


The Power of Innovation with Jeremy Gutsche & HeroX

Sept 24, 2019

If you’ve ever wanted to join an intimate conversation with a highly respected innovation visionary, then listen in on this Thought Leader Series with Jeremy Gutsche! HeroX's VP of Possibilities, Kal Sahota, spoke with CEO, Innovation Keynote Speaker, Futurist, and Award-Winning Author Jeremy Gutsche about the power of crowdsourcing - and where he’s seen it make an impact. With 700 brands, billionaires and CEOs relying on Jeremy and his team to predict and create the future, Jeremy is well-versed in spotting the next trends. Not only that, he has the #1 most-watched innovation keynote videos on the internet, inspiring over 20,000,000 people online!



The State of Crowdsourcing and Innovation with Ken Spedden

Sept 17, 2019

Ken Spedden is a recognized thought leader in Applied Innovation and Crowdsourcing Initiatives. Join Ken and HeroX Co-Founder & CEO, Christian Cotichini in this thought-provoking deep-dive into all things #crowdsourcing! Ken has briefed at the National Academies of Sciences on the next generation of crowdsourcing and led the vision for novel applications of crowdsourcing for the U.S. Army, the United Nations and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. As the founder of what became an international science, technology and innovation nonprofit, Ken regularly briefs leaders at both Fortune 500 companies and United States Government agencies on disruptive capabilities and applied innovation.



Crowdsourcing for Smart Cities
Innovation challenges are finding their place in healthcare, data science, renewable energy and more! You’ve likely heard of smart homes and other ‘s…
1 min read
HeroX Tips: Your Crowdsourcing Timeline
Why is the challenge timeline important in crowdsourcing, when is it best to launch a challenge, what are the milestones that determine how long the project should run. All that and more tips and tricks that will help you launch a great crowdsourcing project or challenge, read inside.
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The Future of Business is not 9 to 5
There are many strategies, tools and resources that exist to help organizations today. You may be asking yourself, “then why should I care about crow…
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