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Help Make Our First Responders Safer and More Effective Today

What do you do when a sudden tragedy strikes? Do you do something about it, or do you wait for someone else to make the first move?

Emergency first responders are heroes among humanity, running towards danger when everyone else is running away. When something awful happens, we count on them to get there first and do something about it.


Giving Back To Those Who Give The Most

It's time to take better care of our first responders. New technologies, including wearable interfaces like heads-up displays, smart watches, and biological monitors have the potential to increase first responder safety while enhancing performance.

First responders have a dangerous job as is, so testing and vetting new technologies in a safe, controlled and, repeatable manner is critical.  

That's why the $50,000 NIST Virtual Public Safety Test Environment Challenge is so important. This contest, open to US citizens only, will help enable the evaluation of these exciting new technologies. The goal: to design a physical space that will work in conjunction with AR and VR tools to test new first responder technologies in a safe, controlled, and repeatable manner.


A New Testing Environment  For Emergency First Responder Technologies

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Public Safety Innovation Accelerator is looking for YOUR awesome ideas and innovations to move this project forward. The technologies needed are being developed all over the world, but the real challenge is putting everything together.

What things need to remain in the physical world?  Where can VR be used to simulate parts of a first responder scene? Do you need to simulate physical smoke and flames, or can this be done virtually through a headset? How will you collect position and performance data during testing?

These are the questions that the NIST Virtual Public Safety Test Environment Challenge aims to answer. And the exciting part is that the best answers to these problems could come from a wide range of specialties.

If you can come up with some great answers, the NIST team and HeroX would love to hear from you! The NIST Virtual Public Safety Test Environment Challenge is ready and waiting for your inventions, innovations, and bright ideas.

The challenge is now open for submissions and the full guidelines and rules have been posted. Don't delay, the submission deadline is on May 3rd.

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