7 Life Lessons from a Generation of Rule-Breakers
BY NICK | 2 min read


  1. Politics are generally theatrical, and often absurd. The first president you remember was (nearly/mostly) impeached, and first election cycle you experienced landed a family legacy President with less than 50% of the actual vote in the White House.
  2. Don't bring a knife to a gunfight, or a school with metal detectors. Following the "new normal" established by the tragedy at Columbine High School, you may recall running more drills for school shootings than fires, as well as a number of other new safety measures, like metal detectors or even visits from bomb-sniffing dogs. 
  3. Your entire understanding of the world can change in one Tuesday morning. Shortly after watching helplessly as commuter planes took down the tallest buildings in New York City, you watched helplessly as the US declared it would “make no distinction between the terrorists who committed these acts and those who harbor them.” Welcome to the new reality, kids.
  4. Some give all, some get unlimited data. After high school graduation, you saw some friends get shipped off to Iraq and Afghanistan, while other friends went to college where they taught the world what "sexting" was, courtesy of their first generation iPhones. Irony would soon become your preferred method of expression.
  5. The financial system is a funny thing. Your college graduation (if you graduated) was celebrated by the finance and automotive industries as they accepted billions of bailout dollars and laid off millions of people. They would promptly report record profits within the two years you spent in paid-ish internships or slinging lattes. Cue confetti.
  6. Extremes are pretty commonplace, exceptions are the rule. Some of your friends make six figures a year in the tech industry and others… well, not so lucky. Suicide, alcoholism, and other mental health issues surpass record numbers within your generation’s cohort. Even with all the incredible new ways to communicate, depression, social isolation, and loneliness are rampant.
  7. When life gives you lemons, become a citrus consultant. Now, nearing or just past your 30th birthday, your "feed" (because we now consume information as a form of nourishment) is full of record breaking mass shootings, unpredictable international politics, and a former reality tv show host contesting another family legacy candidate for the office of President. This is fine. You were totally prepared for this!

The peculiarities of Millennials are worth noting because you want to read about them, and because they have recently become  the most populous generation in America.  Surprise!

It’s easy to overlook how the reality described above differs from the formative years of Generation X and Baby Boomers. Young X’ers and Boomers enjoyed upward mobility, diversified opportunity, and trends of increased stability, for the most part. Millennials, however, in light of failed institutions and less-than-idea conditions, have simply decided to change the game. Unmoved by criticism for moving back in with their parents (or into a van), increasingly radical(ish) in their politics, and with the audacity to think they can solve some of the greatest challenges to face humanity, young people are prepared to re-write the script, so to speak. 

As the world witnesses more disruption, for better and worse, people of all ages are seeking alternatives for enacting change and empowerment. Millennials and their impossible idealism are leading the charge in this, and  HeroX is glad to be one of those platforms. HeroX was, after all, designed for the incentive prize model to connect idealistic dreamers, basement- and garage-dwelling tinkerers, free radicals, and square pegs stuck in round holes to their greater calling: solve real world problems. No experience required, just results. Soon enough, we expect these very same folks to be ushering us into the next frontier, wherever or whatever that might look like. 


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