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Phase Two of the Clinical Trial Innovation Prize Launches on World Cancer Day, Feb. 4th

BY NICK | 1 min read

Everyday, people battling cancer are equipped with the best possible care and access to new, powerful weapons in the fight, via clinical trials.

Quite frankly, cancer treatment progress is dependent upon clinical trials -- the research which investigates the efficacy of prevention, detection and screening. Worldwide, there are over 45,000 cancer-related clinical trials in operation. Adversely, over 9,000 of these trials will not reach completion, based on present trends. These incomplete trials are not the result of a bad method, nor due to lack of funding. The most common cause of incomplete trials is insufficient patient enrollment.

This lack of volunteer awareness and engagement results in millions of dollars and person-hours lost on inconclusive trials! Patients, researchers, funders and you deserve successful clinical trials. Because of all this, The Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation will launch phase two of the Clinical Trial Innovation Prize on February 4th, 2016, on World Cancer Day.

The Lung Cancer Foundation knows that less than 3% of cancer patients are participating in clinical trials. This low rate of participation can be caused by lack of community support, lack of patient awareness, and procedural inefficiencies.  Arguably, the largest obstacles are stigmas and misconceptions. Unfortunately, common perception has attached stigmatizing language like “guinea pig” and “lab rat” to the important practice of clinical trials.

What could be done to overcome these obstacles to participation? How might we reduce fear and apathy, and double volunteer participation? How might we increase the awareness and support of patients, professionals, and community members when it comes to participating in the process of innovative lifesaving developments?

If you know how to connect cancer patients with the procedures that can help turn the tide against cancer, let us know! The Lung Cancer Foundation knows that inspiration can come from anywhere! That is why, beginning February 4th, 2016, this open competition will begin accepting submissions from anyone with a proposed solution.

To read about how Sergey Brin of Google is revolutionizing clinical research, check out Sergey Brin’s Search for a Parkinson’s Cure, Wired Magazine.

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