March 28, 2017
7:37 p.m. PDT

How to add files to submission?

When I go to submit files, the only thing I am allowed to upload is an image. I have a full mockup for each of my apps, as well as a .pdf presentation highlighting the important cause my app is centered around. Where do I upload files that are other than an image?

To quote one of the updates;
"Your submission can include a description, pictures, videos or other files. The app concepts will be voted on by the public, and submitted to the judges for review."

Hence why I am confused.
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Matthew Mulrennan moderator
March 29, 2017
9:26 a.m. PDT
Hi @Samuel Harper a spot for Links and uploading Documents have been added to the submission page. Thanks for the heads up on this! Look forward to seeing you compete!
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