Greetings AlphaPilot Competitors!

Congratulations on fantastic Qualifier entries! We cannot emphasize enough how impressive they’ve been. Watching the online community develop has been inspirational. Your collective effort, enthusiasm, and technical performance has blown us all away. Bravo. We hope this has been a fun (yet challenging) experience for you as well!

We’re sure you’re all eager to see your final algorithm scores. They can now be found on the ‘Leaderboard’ tab.

Please note that these are not your Final Qualifier Scores – they are just the quantitate scores for Tests #2 and Test #3. Remember, your Final Qualifier Score will combined these quantitative scores with Test #1 scores and the qualitative portions of Test #2 and Test #3. That being said, these scores are indicative of overall performance and can be used as a rough measure.

Teams that are selected as AlphaPilot Finalists can expect direct notification by April 19th.


The AlphaPilot Team