Greetings to those AlphaPilot Competitors still troubleshooting Test 3!

Thanks to all the hard work teams have put in to create a Test 3 submission that runs well within our testing setup! We had a chance to do a preliminary review all the Test 3 submissions, and while many teams were successful with the troubleshooting process, we realize some teams are still struggling to generate a working submission.

We will be reaching out to those teams still working and offer them until Monday, April 8th at 12PM PST to debug.

With the review of Test 3 submissions, Lockheed Martin and HeroX has created a list of prioritized errors teams are facing. Today and tomorrow (April 3 and 4) LM and HeroX are looking into these prioritized errors to determine what additional guidance and troubleshooting ideas we can provide. This information will be posted to the Test 3 Forum as soon as it is available. Over the weekend, teams will have the opportunity to try implementing these (and any other) debugging ideas but support will be limited from Friday on.

Monday, April 8th at 12PM PST is the final cut-off for creating a working submission. After this time, failed submissions will receive a Test 3 score of 0.

We hope this helps teams that are still struggling!

The AlphaPilot Team