Attention Teams,

As we come into the home stretch of Qualifiers, the entire AlphaPilot team would like to thank you for a tremendous effort and job well done! Leaderboard scores have exceeded our expectations and we are fully confident that our Finalists will ace the 2019 AIRR race events. Look out human pilots!

We encourage everyone to take a few days break and enjoy the weekend, as we collect your entries and orientate our judging panel. The Test #3 Submission Checking process will begin early next week – stay tuned for an update. For more information on that process, see below. We’ll also be adding the profiles of our Judges to the website. It’s a fantastic panel of experts from academia, government, and industry! We’re thrilled to have such diverse support.

Thanks again for taking part in the AlphaPilot journey and helping to make our vision a reality!


The AlphaPilot Team


Submission Checking:

Following the March 22 deadline, the AlphaPilot team will release a Test #3 Submission Checker for all teams to use as an assurance that their code compiles and scores successfully. Teams will be given 5 days from the release of the Submission Checker to evaluate, modify, and resubmit their code. Submitting code to the Submission Checker will generate an email with a Success/Failure output. Successful submissions will be finalized, while failed submissions may be modified and resubmitted as many times as necessary within the 5 day window. Exact dates and times for the Submission Checking period will be announced shortly. If we suspect teams are abusing this system, it will be investigated and scored accordingly.