Dear AlphaPilot Contestants,

There are a few important updates on the Test 1 and 2 submissions and deadlines contained in this message so please read carefully! The submission details and requirements have also been updated on the Test 2 page.

The AlphaPilot team has identified and is addressing a few small bugs in Test 2. As such, we are giving all teams until Monday, March 11th at 5:00PM EST (2:00PM PST) to finalize their Test 1 and 2 submissions. Please use this time to check your algorithm against the Leaderboard a few more times and make sure your submission meets all the requirements. Given the updates, teams should feel free to upload a new version of their Test 1 and 2 submissions as needed.


Test 2 Submission and Testing Updates

We have increased the maximum allowable upload to be 1GB for Test 2 submissions. This has now been updated on the Test 2 Submission Form and teams can now submit at any time. Please allow time after clicking Save & Preview for large files to upload.

Further, we want to remind teams that their submission archive needs to include everything needed for their algorithms to run in the testing environment as described. During testing, there will not be internet access, and so their submissions will not be able to perform actions that require internet.

We have made a few small updates to the Test 2 scripts. Some teams were still having issues with getting 0 scores on the Leaderboard due to empty gates and subsequent empty arrays in the JSON. The AlphaPilot team has fixed this bug in the scorer script, updated the scripts on the Leaderboard, and made available the fixed scripts:

A sample archive has been requested by teams to make sure their submissions are formatted correctly. The AlphaPilot team has now made this available also, and it can be downloaded here:


Test 2 Leaderboard Updates

As requested by some teams, the AlphaPilot team has decided to increase the frequency of the Leaderboard refreshes until the Test 2 deadline (now Monday, March 11th at 5:00PM EST / 2:00PM PST as noted above). These will now be 3 times a day with the new cut-offs and subsequent refreshes being at:

  • 7:59AM PST
  • 3:59PM PST
  • 11:59PM PST

Teams who received a 0 score on the Leaderboard are encouraged to submit again now that the scorer scripts have been updated.

We are hoping this helps teams!

Happy coding,
The AlphaPilot Team