Attention all AlphaPilot Contestants,

Long-awaited details about the Test 2 and Test 3 final exams as well as the Leaderboard practice exams are now out!

Teams can download the exam resources and submit their results to the Leaderboards at any time. The Leaderboard is there to benchmark your performance compared to other teams and get a sense of how your team will perform on the final exam. Leaderboard scores are self-reported and are based on the honor system. That being said, any teams that are found to be submitting false results to the leaderboard will be noted and flagged during judging.

The first round on the leaderboard will close at Monday, Feb. 18th at 11:59PM PST, and any submissions will appear on the leaderboard by 9:00AM PST the following day. After this, the leaderboard will refresh daily until the final deadline.

We updated many of the Test 2 and Test 3 details so please review the information carefully.

You will also find several new items:

Additional further updates will be posted as needed. Otherwise, teams should submit their algorithm source code archives and technical reports by March 8!

We wish everyone the best of luck with the exams and are standing by to answer any questions on the forums.