Attention all AlphaPilot Contestants,

Today we are releasing additional details on Qualifier Test #3 - Guidance, Navigation & Control!

This third component of AlphaPilot qualifications will focus on a team’s ability to design algorithms for the guidance, navigation, and control of an autonomous drone. You can find details on Test #3 here.

Test #3 is built on the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) FlightGoggles simulator, a first-of-its-kind virtual reality environment for drone research and development. You can find the source code for the simulator, more information about how to get started, and some example challenge files here:


Have Questions?

  • Teams may file a report on the simulator GitHub page if they encounter any bugs or errors. Issues will be addressed by the MIT team there as quickly as possible.
  • Any specific questions about the AlphaPilot Test 3 challenge should be posted and addressed on the HeroX Test 3 Forum page.