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Meet the Panel

Beau Frank, XPRIZE

Beau Frank joins XPRIZE with more than 18 years of experience helping organizations build cutting edge recruiting and human resources functions.

His unique opportunities to work within some of the world's most respected organizations, leading talent and human resources functions, has helped him hone his abilities to attract highly skilled and intellectually charged professionals. He served in roles such as Global Head of Recruiting at Standard & Poor's CVC and Global Head of Talent Acquisition at Coach, Inc.

Mr. Frank received a Bachelor of Arts in Communications at Bradley University.


Alexandra Ivanovitch, 2016 Visioneer

As a Parisian impacted by a disturbing trend of intolerance and radicalization, and as a citizen of the world, Alexandra is deeply committed to the development of empathy and perspective-taking. She recently launched a social impact start-up harnessing the transformative potential of VR to tackle social issues.

Post-doctoral research, Digital Humanities, Université Paris-Sorbonne
PhD, Comparative Literature, Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris


MacKenzie Ward, 2016 Visioneer

Purpose-led social entrepreneurial soul that believes tomorrow is always the best day ever. INTJ disguised as an ENTJ and 6-4-8-2 Kolbe. Empathically, foolishly hungry to make things around us cooler. Ironman-In-Training and admitted Card Playing Addict. Heuristically-minded worker convinced that self actualization is one of humanities biggest gifts. Fascinated by human motivation triggers and the quantified self movement. Charmed by the science of longevity and hacking the body for improved performance. Never too busy for a good (or partially good) laugh.