This is your official two-day reminder for NASA’s Watts on the Moon Challenge! Submissions must be submitted by Thursday, March 25th at 5:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time.

Please read this update carefully as it will support you in meeting the Registration Requirements. 

Note, this is a list of FAQs and common errors to support you in compiling your registration materials, it is not a comprehensive list of requirements. Please see Registration Details here and the Competitor Documents here.

Q: I am participating as an entity, do I need to designate an individual as the Team Leader?

  • Yes, your Team Leader must be an individual. The Team Leader will be responsible for compliance with the rules, and Centennial Challenges Program will issue prize payments to the Team Leader of the winning Team(s). Additional roles and responsibilities of the Team Leader are explained in the Team Agreement. 

Q: What team members need to provide proof of citizenship or permanent residency.

  • We require proof of citizenship or permanent residency from every team member, including people participating as part of an entity. Foreign citizens can only participate through an eligible US entity and must submit the appropriate Foreign Acknowledgment.

Q: My team includes an entity and individuals. What Adoptions do I need to complete?

  • Entity Teams and/or Entity Team Members must complete the Adoption by an Entity on pages 12 and 13 of the Team Agreement. Each person from the entity that is contributing to the challenge must be included on the List of Entity Members on page 13 and must initial this page.
  • Individuals must complete the Adoption by Individual on page 11 of the Team Agreement.

Q: Does everyone on my team need to register on HeroX?

  • Yes. Ensure all team members are registered as part of your team and your Team Leader is designated as the Team Captain on the HeroX platform

Common Errors: Please have someone else review your documents to ensure you have not missed any fields or forms. Here are some common errors:

  • Team Agreement 
    • There are fields for you to complete on pages 1, 8, and 10. Please ensure all fields are completed. Please upload the entire document, not just the completed pages.
    • VENDOR is HeroX PBC. You do not need to complete anything for the VENDOR.
  • Exhibit A: Adoption by Entity
    • Both the Authorized Entity Team Member and the Team Leader must sign the Adoption on page 12. If this is the same person, they need to sign twice.
    • Be sure you check the appropriate box on page 12 under “Team Member must confirm the following:..”
    • Each person from the entity participating in the challenge must be included in the “List of Entity Members” and they must initial next to their citizenship
    • If you are not an entity, do not complete the Adoption by Entity.
  • Exhibit A: Adoption by Individual
    • Be sure you check the appropriate box on page 11 under “Team Member must confirm the following:..”
  • Exhibit C: Insurance Coverage/Financial Responsibility Certification
    • Fill in the blank with what proof you are uploading (e.g., bank statement, proof of liability insurance, etc.)
    • If you already submitted your proof of insurance via email, please upload it here again.
  • Proof of Citizenship or permanent residency
    • This must be provided for every person on your team.
  • Proof of incorporation and primary place of business
    • This is required if you are submitting an Adoption by Entity.