Submissions to NASA's Watts on the Moon Challenge are due by March 25th, 2021!

Please ensure you read these important details:

  1. You must submit proof of insurance or proof of financial responsibility. 
    1. If you are providing proof of insurance, it is due by March 15th, 2021 by email to
    2. If you are providing proof of financial responsibility, you may submit this anytime before the submission deadline by uploading it to the submission form. You do not need to email it.
  2. The registration requirements are lengthy. Please ensure your materials are prepared ahead of time.
  3. The submission form will close at 5:00 pm EDT on March 25th (New York time). Please submit early to prevent last-minute technical issues.
  4. We are responding to questions in the forum as quickly as we can. Depending on your question, we may not have an immediate answer for you. Please ensure you submit questions as soon as possible.

The Challenge Guidelines include all of the details you will require to prepare your submission. If you have a question that is not covered in the guidelines, please check the FAQ. For any other questions, please post them in the forum.

As a reminder, you can submit to one or multiple of the mission activities, but each mission activity should be a separate submission. You will submit your entry directly on the HeroX platform. Begin your entry early so you can familiarize yourself with the submission form.

We look forward to reviewing your submission!